Tania's Story

“The experience helped ignite my spirit"

“My initial thought was that it sounded like a good event to participate in even though I was a little anxious about stepping out of my comfort zone having just suffered the hair loss associated to chemotherapy. My physical appearance was changing and my mind and spirit was catching up.”

Tania attended a class in Auckland during 2014. She commented on how the volunteers made her feel very welcome and appreciated their sensitivity in seeking permission to apply skincare, makeup and massage. 

 "The massage to my bald head was both soothing and forged a trusting bond, as up until that moment of my journey no one had touched my head other than those near or dear to me of whom I had invited. These women were perfect strangers and possess a sincerity and way of enriching confidence to aide in allowing vulnerability to be shared whilst uplifting confidence."

“It was reassuring that other woman experiencing the journey of cancer treatment would be attending and this notion provided me with a sense of comfort given the journey of treatment that I had embarked on is a lonely journey and one of introspection and reflection.”

She found it even more significant to engage in an act of doing something positive for herself and discovered the experience to be so uplifting and "helped ignite my spirit"